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Daheng Environment, founded in 2008 and developed from Nanjing Daheng Purification Co., Ltd., is one of the first high-tech enterprises focusing on environmental governance in China. It has been engaged in industrial environment and biological environment for many years, and has become a comprehensive environmental protection enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

In the field of industrial environment, we have jointly established the "Daheng Fudan Waste Gas Cracking Research and Development Center" with Fudan University around the harmless treatment technology of waste gas, waste liquid, waste solid and comprehensive resource utilization technology, jointly developed the safe collection and comprehensive utilization technology of coalbed methane with the Academy of Coal Sciences, and jointly developed the oil and gas recovery, storage, transportation and technology with Changzhou University, At the same time, it has established a joint venture company with ULRICH of Germany to develop and apply the technology of "three wastes" incineration equipment, and a joint venture company with Surrey of the United States to establish an organic waste gas process detection instrument company. After years of development, many products and technologies applied in different industries have been formed, and direct combustion TO technology and "boiler boiler integration" incineration technology have been successfully developed for chemical organic waste liquid, salty waste liquid and waste gas combined working conditions; Aiming at the waste gas of petrochemical plant, the technology of catalytic oxidation of CO by waste gas has been successfully developed; For solid waste or multi-component waste liquid, waste gas and solid waste, the "three wastes" combined rotary kiln incineration technology has been successfully developed; For the soft package printing and coating industry, the technologies of reducing wind and increasing concentration, catalytic cracking of waste gas and waste heat recycling have been successfully developed; For the spraying industry, the runner adsorption desorption combustion RC-RTO technology has been successfully developed; The recovery technologies such as mechanical condensation, liquid nitrogen condensation and resin adsorption have been successfully developed for oil and gas production, storage and transportation, tank farm and refining waste gas. In the field of online monitoring, a complete set of integrated VOCs intelligent monitoring solutions has been formed, and a VOCs monitoring technology platform with a complete meteorological chromatography monitoring technology as the core provides industrial environment monitoring with a series of products including VOCs online monitoring systems for fixed pollution sources, VOCs online monitoring systems for industrial parks, portable equipment detection systems, and industrial dedicated VOCs online monitoring systems.

In the field of biological environment, we provide ultra clean space, safety isolation and biological microenvironment solutions around the special requirements of biopharmaceuticals for the environment, including purification equipment such as purification isolator equipment, cell preparation equipment, cell culture equipment, hydrogen peroxide disinfection and sterilization and delivery equipment, and provide a package of solutions such as purification engineering construction services, space detection services, and certification services that meet GMP requirements. In terms of safety isolation, the high closed negative pressure isolation system is adopted, which can meet the protection requirements of OEB Level 5 personnel. In terms of biological microenvironment, COMECER honeycomb cell culture technology from Italy was introduced to integrate the CAS cell bottom picture recognition system, cell amplification AI recognition system, cell imaging system, AI modeling system, etc. into the isolation system and culture system, forming an intelligent chemical workstation system for ultra clean isolation and cell preparation and culture.

Technology creates value and innovation drives development. We always adhere to taking technological innovation and honest service as the foundation of enterprise operation, taking the protection of ecological environment and life health as the mission, building a well-known enterprise in the field of industrial environment and biological environment as the goal, meeting customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations as the service purpose, and are committed to becoming a highly respected environmental protection enterprise group with independent intellectual property rights.

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